How to Get Your Catering Company Off the Ground

If you’ve been working for years as a server and have saved up enough tips to start venturing into your own business, you may be thinking hard about your options. If you love working with people and serving great food, starting a catering company may be for you. Here are a few important tips to get started.

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You should first know your budget and take on jobs that fit what you can afford. It may be tempting to take on a big catering job that has an enormous payout, but you must ask yourself if your small business can afford the large amount of resources and labor. It’s wise to start out small and work your way up to those bigger jobs.

Next, make sure you find quality employees. Conduct a thorough interview process and background check to make sure you’re getting the best candidates. Make sure you treat your staff well and compensate them appropriately. Nothing sinks a business faster than an unreliable crew.

Finally, do some networking. You should not only be advertising online, but talking to other business owners face-to-face to form valuable connections. Word of mouth is king and will set your business on the right track.

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