How the Pros Clean Stained Concrete

If you are here, you’re probably wondering how to clean your dirty driveway or any other concrete surface. So here are the steps recommended by the best concrete cleaning services to guide you through the process.

The first step is to remove all dirt and debris from the area.

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This is important to ensure that there is no dirt on the surface you want to clean, making the process easier and stress-free. Then, spray down the entire surface with water using a pressure washer. This will help loosen any dirt that may have stuck to the surface.

Now that the concrete has dried, it’s time to apply the stain removal product. Mix one part concrete cleaner with two parts water. Apply evenly to the surface using a push brush. Once the stain is completely saturated with solution, rinse the area thoroughly with clear water. It is always important to finish by sealing the concrete. The most common types of sealers include latex, acrylic, alkyl, and oil-based. Many other options are available depending on the color or texture you want for the finished product. It is important to remember that the more coats you put on, the longer it takes to dry.

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