How Perform a Certified Roof Inspection

If you have been noticing a leak in your home, it is vital to assess the stability of your roof. A common issue is accidental punctures from nails, screws, and tree branches. But other issues, like rust in the framing structure and failing shingles, can happen. The “How to Perform a Roof Inspection According to the InterNACHI┬« SOP” clip discusses how to undertake a roof inspection.
A certified roofing inspector can ensure that your roof is safe for use.

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The expert can point out other issues that may be present. Finding a licensed, certified, and insured professional in your region is crucial. You should preferably go for one that has experience installing shingles on the type of roof you have.

The roof inspection should include looking at the roof structure and flashing. The inspector may take pictures of the top in various locations. Certified roofing inspectors have a tool that shows the wear areas on your roof. Inspectors can also check for signs of warping or sagging shingles. Once your inspector is finished with their inspection, they will report on their findings. Ask your inspector if there are any recommendations about these issues. If you have any questions about their results, ask them. Make sure that you understand their answers before they leave.

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