How Can a Full Service Sign Company Help Your Business?

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No one would ever think of listing a house or business and not putting commercial real estate signs in the front yard or on the building itself. Even in this day of internet postings and listings, a physical sign is essential and necessary to getting noticed.
Signs are the signals consumers read without even noticing them. They are the indicators that consumers interpret in the flash of a second. As consumers walk or drive by a business location, without even noticing it they subconsciously read the commercial real estate signs and business window graphics the make subtle but unmistakable advertising announcements. That’s why when someone asks if you know about any area homes for sale, or where the nearest dry cleaning store is, you are able to provide an answer you did not even know that you knew.
Though the use of signs can be both overwhelming and distracting, there is no denying that they are effective. In fact, if you make the mistake of not putting a sign on your business, for example, you will likely go unnoticed. Whether your choice is constantly noticeable like one of the traveling vehicle wraps or one of the many choices in LED message centers, or a simple window lettering, putting a business name in front of the customer is the key to success.
The following statistics indicate the strength of advertising a message or product through signage:

  • Digital sign locations get noticed 30% more often than locations that make use of more traditional signing choices.
  • Shoppers indicate that they are 40% more likely to purchase items from a store that uses a digital sign than a store that does not use a digital form of advertising.
  • If a business does not have a sign of some sort, 35% of consumers say they can not remember where a business is located. This is a statistic that is especially important for businesses who need to attract new customers. While your current customers might know where you are, a new customer will never notice you without a sign marking your location.
  • An on location sign attracts close to 50% of all new customers.
  • Nearly 40% of consumers admit to reading or rereading a large billboard every time that they drive by.

Commercial real estate signs are one example of a specific sign that will help consumers remember your location. What is your business doing to get noticed? Subtlety is not rewarded in the business world. The only way to get your property or your business recognized is by the strategic placing of signs that advertise a good or service to possible consumers.

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