Banners Signed by War Veterans Local Community Project

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Jan and Skip Lebo, residents of Ellensburg, Washington, have been working on a project for over a year and a half. What started as a personal project has turned into a sort of community service commemoration. The Lebo’s have spent a lot of their spare time the last year plus tracking down as many World War II and Korean War veterans in the local area as possible. They then have them sign their names, years and branch of military service, and rank to large custom banners, according to the local news site

“The banners with all these signatures are something people can see, a sort of witness, the names of those who put so much of their lives on the line,” Jan said. “They might see a name, recognize a family and bring a memory back as to who these veterans are and what they did in the community.”

So far they’ve collected over 63 signatures of World War II vets and 43 from the Korean War. Once complete the banners will be “movable community remembrances,” according to Jan. Unfortunately, death waits for no one no matter their military honor and experience so time is of the essence.

“The reason why it’s so important to get their signatures now, and to have the community honor and remember them now is seen in how they are leaving us,” Jan said. “It’s so essential we work on this now. So many are passing on.”

They chose banners because it’s a way to fit the mass amount of signatures they plan to gather, but it probably doesn’t hurt that signs are a great way to attract peoples attention and get them to look at something.

Research has shown business signage design can have a big impact on consumers decisions. Shops with digital business signs average 30% more sales and shoppers are 40% more likely to purchase from them in general. Overall, half of new customers say they were attracted to a business because of their creative sign designs.

At the end of the day the Lebo’s are interested in honoring and remembering the people that served the United States with their lives and what better way to do it than with banners that can be seen by everyone around them.

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