High Quality Content Steals Top Search Engine Rankings


Did you know that, according to Marketing Sherpa, quality content can increase blog traffic by as much as 2,000%, and boost profits by at least 40%? Internet marketing is constantly evolving and changing. One thing, however, remains constant. Google is easily the forerunner and trendsetter of all search engines, and the company continues to raise its quality standards. How can businesses keep up?

Ask, How Are Quality Expectations Changing?

Although the basic answers to “What is SEO?” remain the same, SEO marketing continually evolves and adapts to new search formulas and shifting consumer needs and preferences. Google continues to ask companies to produce high quality content. As of today, what constitutes high quality content?

  • Original and valuable content. Google is assessing, first and foremost, articles’ value to consumers. Avoid old tricks, like article spinning and thin content, that promote quantity over quality. For the most part, articles rank well if they offer new information, and contain thorough and verifiable research. Likewise, algorithm updates like Penguin and (not provided) strive to accommodate average searches. Google is pulling out all stops to recognize questions, phrases, and concepts, instead of focusing on key terms alone. Once again, these updates reinforce a push for high quality content, rather than articles using old hat schemes like keyword stuffing.
  • Newsjacking. At first glance, newsjacking may seem like a negative term. In reality, newsjacking offers a well-researched commentary on current news cycles. Content remains valuable by pushing news one step further, typically offering original conjecture or a well-informed opinion.

How Important is Cross Platform Compatibility?

Tablets and smartphone use accounts for 44% of international computing time, according to research firm McKinsey, and there were as many as 72.8 million mobile shoppers just one year ago, in 2012. The fact remains that an approximate 93% of all internet use begins on a search engine. The devices Americans and people all over the world are using to access the web, however, is continually changing. Marketers need to keep up in order to remain easily accessible and visible to all consumers. Small and mid-sized businesses, without in-depth knowledge, may benefit from outside SEO services. Ask companies for an SEO tutorial so you will know what to expect.

In order to adapt to constantly changing internet marketing, companies must push for even higher quality, and perfect cross platform compatibility. Companies with limit resources will benefit from outsourcing SEO and watching valuable SEO tutorials. Check out this website for more: Seo company portland

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