Get the Office You Really Want with Cargo Container Modifications

Portable office containers

Cargo container modifications can take an old shipping container and turn it into your new mobile office, a fully customized portable office, a tiny home, container pop up shop, or even a mother-in-law suit. The possibilities are nearly limitless when you have the right company doing your modifications for you.

As a business owner, you may be wondering why you would be interested in individualized office spaces, when you can opt for a one-room office and save money. The answer is simply; you may not be saving as much money as you think. Research has shown that employees that work in single room open-air offices use almost twice as much sick days as employees working in individual offices.

Even having two people to an office showed a significant decrease in the number of sick days utilized. With employees not calling in sick as much, you can get more work done in a shorter period of time making the entire company more productive and cost-effective. Essentially, you?ll be able to get more work out of your current workforce.

Individualized offices can also increase company morale. Giving employees’ space to personalize where they work and let their own creative genius guide the process can be highly productive if done in the right way. Cargo container modifications can be made to include built in shelves and furniture, windows, doors, flooring, and more.

Shipping containers can be joined together while modified to create a larger space. There are any numbers of things you can do to modify the shipping containers, so they are exactly what you are looking for in a space.

There are approximately 20 million containers crossing the world at any given moment. That means there is a plentiful supply on containers that can be re-purposed and modified for different purposes. There is no shortage of supply. As containers get older, they are no longer needed by shipping companies but still highly useful.

The steel shipping containers market is expected to increase by over 5% between 2014 and 2017. This continued growth demonstrates the ongoing need for cargo containers. That coupled with the growing interest in re-purposing has created a solid market for cargo container modifications.

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