Employees And Businesses Need Help Finding Work How A Staffing Agency Can Lend A Hand

Sometimes a person needs help finding work.

In today’s job market it’s all a person can do just to get noticed, much less accepted and given a chance to build a career. Recruiting agencies are all too familiar with the hoops required to land that single interview and are ever keen on providing both businesses and workers with the means of finding each other. Rather than just handing your company the perfect employees they offer opportunities for employment on top of viable means of keeping workers around in the long-term. How does this all work, exactly?

It’s time to learn about how to find qualified hires in today’s oversatured economy.

Reducing Employee Turnover Saves You Millions

It’s a lot of work finding a qualified employee, much less training one and keeping them around. Is it any wonder why employee turnover remains one of the biggest roadblocks on the path to success? It’s estimated over $11 billion is lost every single year to employee turnover alone, which doesn’t even cover money lost from paper documents and identity theft. A recent study found nearly 60% of organizations viewing employee retention as a significant issue they’re working toward fixing. Help finding work also means help keeping it.

Employee Retention Is An Ongoing Action

Keeping workers around means cultivating an environment that recognizes and appreciates their efforts. A study on the impact of employee retention concluded 45% of human resources professionals stating retention to be their greatest concern, followed close behind by employee engagement. Over 20% of new hires today will leave their jobs within a month and a half of being hired, putting you in the constant position of putting out calls and sitting through interviews. This list will continue to explore the different elements that go into creating an environment that keeps employees, rather than driving them out.

Diversity Helps Your Company Remain Flexible

Hiring diverse isn’t just a trend. It’s a reflection of the world today and where it’ll be in the near future. McKinsey’s research is an ongoing project assessing the financial and social benefits of currying a diverse environment. It’s since revealed gender-diverse companies to be 15% more likely to outperform their peers, with ethnically-diverse companies 35% more. This means broadening your pool of applicants and stepping outside your hiring comfort zone. Customers don’t just want good service…they also want the business to reflect who they are.

Restructure Your Interview Process From The Ground Up

How should you staff your business? First you need to let an employment agency restructure how you approach the hiring process in the first place. Today’s interview process runs the gamut of being barely efficient to an active hindrance, wasting time with redundant questions and traditional outlooks that just don’t apply anymore. New hires that undergo a structured on-boarding training program are up to 60% more likely to be with the company after three years. If that little boost in support alone can change the outcome, imagine what an entire overhaul could do!

Share Your Opportunities For Employment With Recruiting Agencies

Job agencies aren’t designed to hand you a mythical idea of perfection. They exist to provide everyday people and businesses of all shapes and sizes help finding work. The costs of employee turnover range from 30% to 150% of an employee’s salary, which can be put to much better use advertising your brand and putting you in a position to expand your company. When you reach out to a recruiting agency you ask them to help you put together a plan and a safety net. In these uncertain economic times, a little direction makes all the difference.

Need help finding work? Reach out to a job placement agency and let them give you a hand.

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