Different Types of Compressed Air Dryers

An air dryer is an equipment used to remove water vapor from industrial process air. The YouTube video “Types of Air Dryers” looks into the various types of air dryers.

Refrigerant air dryers and desiccant air dryers are the two major types of air dryers. Refrigerant air dryers are low-maintenance machines.

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They work similarly to household freezers in that they use a cooling mechanism to keep moisture out.

Non-cycling and cycling refrigerant air dryers are the two types of refrigerated air dryers. Non-cycling refrigerators refrigerate continuously and keep a constant temperature. Therefore, they are dependable and simple to maintain. However, cycling refrigerant air dryers create the required level of coldness and then turn off when the temperature reaches a predetermined level. Therefore, they are environmentally friendly.

Desiccant dryers are the second type of air dryer. This type of air dryer absorbs moist air and dries it. Single canister and twin dryers are the two types of desiccant air dryers. For point-of-use applications, single canisters are commonly employed. It comprises a granular hygroscopic material through which air is forced, and moisture is filtered. Twin dryers are utilized in industries that require pure and uncontaminated air.


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