Customer Service, Outsourcing Companies, and Everything In Between


The Customer Service company Store Support recently collected data pertaining to unhappy customers and how they engage with businesses that displease them. The collection of this data reveals that one out of every 26 unhappy customers will ever actually make a complaint when dealing with a business. While this seems minor, it can lead to horrendous results for the company receiving the complaint.

Forbes has reported that nearly 80% of all unhappy customers will go and give their money to a competitor within the sap of a week if they have a bad customer service experience. To a large portion of consumers, custom service experiences can make or break their interactions with a business. As a result, the industry of the customer service outsourcing company is growing and growing.

Over half of all consumers have stated that easy access to information and support can help them fall in love with a brand. As a result, there are a lot of businesses that are hiring a customer service outsourcing company to help them deal with the customer service aspect of their business. Working with these companies allows for a business to focus on other areas of their business.

It may seem odd for a company to outsource customer service work but that is not at all the case. As a matter of fact, working with a customer service outsourcing company will more than likely make things much better for people who are running a business.

outsourcing company. American Express has revealed that nearly 80% of all customers will bail on a transaction if they have a bad service interaction which takes away money.

Working with a customer service outsourcing company also allows for a representative to be available at almost all times. This is important because 75% of all consumers believe that calling is the most effective way to get a quick response and yet 53% will become irritated if they cannot speak with a real person right away.

Other data suggests that 70% of all consumers have stated that if they have a good customer service experience they are highly likely to recommend the company to other people. This allows for a business to spread through word of mouth by simply hiring a customer service outsourcing company to help them boost their customer service experiences. As a result, there are more businesses than ever before outsourcing their customer service work to companies that are highly proficient in that line of work.

In Conclusion

A customer service company can help any business boost their customer service interactions which helps a business boost productivity and also traffic for their business and product. As previously mentioned, good customer service experiences can help a consumer spread the business to other people. Plus, if a business has a good reputation for their customer service experiences, they can also have higher prices because people will pay more for this.

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