Common Questions About Rigging

Perhaps you are interested in starting a rigging company. Here’s some essential information
about rigging to help you accomplish your dream.
Key Information about Rigging

Overhead Cranes

An overhead crane is machinery that allows people to transport large items to different areas
without using a lot of energy. Some of the different crane rigging companies use include bridge
cranes, gantry cranes, monorail cranes, and workstation cranes.

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Shackles are loading accessories that help lift, tow, or pull large items. Construction may use
multiple shackles on different projects. Many rigging companies use chain shackles.

Lifting Sling

Lifting slings are accessories that help attach cranes to large items. Most rigging companies use
metal or wire slings.

Spreader Bar

Spreader bars are used to stabilize loads during overhead lifts. Spreader bars help keep loads at a
90-degree angle to make things easier. The spreader bar is connected at two lifting points to help maintain angles.

Chain Grades

It’s important to learn about chain grades if you are interested in opening a rigging company.
Higher-graded chains are more durable. They can withstand more stress without breaking. High-grade chains are also heavier, which means you’ll use more energy when lifting them.

Eye Belts

All successful rigging companies use eye bolts. The eyes help secure accessories during projects.
These are some key terms to learn about before opening a rigging company. This article should
help you make an informed decision.

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