AI Tools to Boost Your Digital Advertising in 2024

It seems that all the world and everything in it is buzzing about AI and how it is and will change the world. One particular area that has a keen interest in how AI is impacting the world, is the digital advertising market. After all, it’s the job of digital marketing to communicate with the world and AI and digital technology are no strangers either.

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That also begs the obvious question, which is how will AI tools be used to boost digital advertising in 2024 and beyond? It is also that very same question the attached video explores, and so do we.

Despite the elephant in the room and the subtle underlying fear that AI is going to “take over,” whatever that means, the real evidence suggests the greatest benefit from AI comes from the time it saves us. For digital advertising agencies, that means more time to attract customers, promote sales, and network. That extra time also means that agencies can also do more of what they do, which also equates to increased revenues and customer base. From ChatGPT tools to product management tools, AI is ready to help take digital advertising into the future of marketing and the digital world.

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