Accounting Basics

Accounting is a process that is important for any business. Accounting can be broken up into different subcategories. Watch the video for the specifics.

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Financial Accounting
This kind of accounting is the process of identifying, recording, summarizing, and analyzing an entity’s financial transactions and reporting them in financial statements. This is needed by any kind of business. The process of tracking these numbers is something required for every single business, regardless of the industry. Financial accounting is made up of multiple steps involving different types of forms and practices.

Identifying transactions
In order to properly go about the accounting process, an accountant must first identify an entity’s transactions. This is crucial to accurately keep track of the information.

Prepare Journal Entries
Journal entries are where all accounting information is kept. Formulas and tables are used to correctly display the transactions and movement of money for any business. These entries are constantly updated as a business moves their money. These journal entries are filled out using pre decided formulas that are used by every single accountant. These formulas are used to decipher how much money is being allocated to specific aspects of a business.

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