5 Benefits of Compressor Oil Purifiers

A compressor oil purifier (COP) is a type of proactive control system designed for oil-flooded rotary screw air compressors. They combine ultra-fine filtration technologies and ion exchange acid absorption to remove clearance-size solids and harmful acids that build up over time in compressor fluids.

How does a compressor oil purifier work?

Compressor oil purifiers combine chemical and mechanical separation technologies using their dual-core cartridge. Ultra-fine clearance-sized solids are removed from the compressor fluid as the contaminated oil flows through the COP cartridge. The compressor fluid passes through an ion exchange media bed that absorbs and neutralizes both strong and weak acids present in the oil. Acids are the number one reason why compressor fluids fail and need to be replaced. The COP can get the compressor fluid down to three microns absolute.

Compressor oil purifiers help to maintain your oil’s original chemical, physical, and performance properties by removing harmful contaminants. The COP can also be used with most synthetic compressor fluids. These fluids include hydro-treated hydrocarbons, PAGs, PAOs, and ester-based fluids.

What are the benefits of using a compressor oil purifier?

Compressor oil purifiers offer many benefits to the manufacturing industry including. When you use a compressor oil purifier for your oil, you:

  1. Increases service life. By removing ultra-fine solids from compressor fluids repeatedly, the COP extends your compressor fluid life and reduces the number of oil purchases your business needs to make.
  2. Reduces maintenance labor. The COP reduces the need for routine maintenance because of how many acids it can remove from oil on its own.
  3. Reduces waste. Because the COP increases the service life of the compressor oil, you don’t need to waste and replace as much fluid.
  4. Reduces energy consumption. The COP can keep energy consumption to a minimum for your business because they help to reduce the pressure drop of compressor separators.
  5. Increases compressor separator life. Because the COP helps to reduce the pressure drop of compressor separators, it also extends the life of the separator. This reduces waste and the number of separator purchases your business needs to make throughout the year.
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