3 Ways to use Digital Printing to Boost Your Business

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Even with the rising importance of Internet marketing, print advertising still commands attention; in fact, 76% of small businesses say their preferred marketing campaign strategy includes both digital and print components. You’ve probably thought of fliers and mailers, as well as some options made easier by large format digital printing, such as large posters. But if you’re really looking to make a statement, consider these options:

Building Wraps
If your business has a brick-and-mortar location, particularly in a visible building, building wraps are an affordable way to make a big impact. Despite their name, building wraps don’t have to encompass the whole building (though they can). Wraps can also be used to customize a storefront, giving you the ability to change your building’s look from season to season. You can carry the same idea over into barricade wraps if you’re having construction done; cover up unsightly areas while also building your customers’ anticipation for what’s to come. Design and printing quality really matter on such a large scale, so pay attention to the details.

Vehicle Wraps
If you’re looking for more outdoor advertising ideas, why not think about where people spend the most time? Company cars that are frequently out on the road make for valuable advertising space. Vehicle wraps can be as varied as a simple logo or a wild print that covers your entire car or truck. Other drivers spend a lot of time looking at the cars in front of them when they’re stuck in traffic, so you have the potential to get your brand out to everyone on the road.

Vinyl Banners
Vinyl banners offer endless combinations of colors, sizes and designs, and this versatility makes them ideal for many kinds of campaigns. Unlike wraps, which require professional installation, advertising banners are lightweight and can easily hung inside or outside—and moved later, if necessary.

Bonus: Petite supplements
Even if you’re looking to make a big impact, consider a few smaller items in addition to taking advantage of the large format digital printing options that are becoming increasingly available. Compared to traditional offset printing, which requires larger runs and longer turnaround times, digital printing offers more customization options with smaller minimum quantities so you can do whatever is best for your campaign. Digital printing makes customizing items with your logo easy and affordable, and research shows that 84% of Americans will remember a company’s name if they’ve received a gift or promotional item with that company’s logo.
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