3 Ways the Pharma Packaging Industry Changed the World

Track and trace pharmaceutical

The pharmaceutical industry has significantly grown over the last few decades and has since shown no since of slowing down. The medicine itself is so advanced, so complex, so life changing, that it’s a shame we often take it for granted.

A smaller part of the pharma industry, although very large indeed, is the packaging aspect. The packaging of all these prescriptions and medicines is something that your average person doesn’t give much though too, which is fine, but what if, for instance, the packaging was the exact same as it was only a few decades ago?

If the packaging wasn’t as advanced and everything else was the same; the medicine, the prescriptions, the process etc., the entire industry would be in danger. Or at least would not be anywhere close to the level of efficiency it enjoys today.

Pharmaceutical packaging companies have changed the world with their packaging innovations due to numerous reasons.

  1. Tracking — Believe it or not, but pharma packaging companies implemented analytical and research services over the last few years to figure out better ways of tracking, organizing, and distributing pharmaceuticals. The result of all this research: E-pedigree serialisation.

    E-pedigree serialisation enables companies to know the history of a particular product and to track exactly where it is going from production all the way to distribution.
  2. Safety — Simply manufacturing packaging that is childproof is one of the greatest achievements of the pharma packaging industry. It might seem like a small feat, but even the prevention of one single child from accessing prescriptions that could cause them serious harm seems like a victory. The safety of these bottles, containers and other packages cannot be overstated. If anywhere were to happen to these prescriptions while in the distribution process, it could have dire consequences for the user, the distributer, and the packaging company itself. Despite the various changes over the years, the only thing that has remained constant is the importance of patient safety.
  3. Adaptability — Being able to implement these new technologies into bettering the medical and pharmaceutical industry would mean nothing if these industries weren’t able to adapt. It’s important that we all — industry included — are able to adapt to the times, the changing technologies, the evolutionary changes and anything else that might affect the world.

Werther it’s the advent of E-pedigree serialisation, producing safer alternatives to packaging or simply adapting to all these changes, we certainly should appreciate the pharma packaging industry.

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