17-7 Stainless The Workhorse You Have Been Searching For

If you are looking for a touch stainless steel that is highly formable then 17-7 stainless may be the perfect choice for your application. The 17-7 stainless falls into the category of a “precipitation hardening alloy”. Precipitation hardening stainless steel delivers incredible strength.

Your application needs should be the guiding force when you are choosing between 302 stainless, 304 stainless, and 17-7 stainless. Learning more about the available thin sheet metal constructed from stainless can help you to make an informed decision.

What is the Deal with the Numbers?

The numbers that are used in the type of stainless steel are indicative of the type of stainless steel. The 17 and the seven have meaning. The 17 is the amount of chromium content (17%) while the seven signifies the amount of nickel content (7%). In the case of 304 stainless (often referred to as 18-8) the chromium content is 18% and the nickel content is 8%.

The makeup of the 17-7 stainless creates a metal that is highly formable with high strength, hardness, and high corrosive resistance. It is an excellent option for a wide range of applications.

It is Less Magnetic Than Other Grades

Engineers, aerospace industries, car manufacturers, and more choose this type of stainless because of its high fatigue resistance, and it is less magnetic than other types of stainless. Whether it is manufactured into thin sheet metal or thin metal strips, it delivers reliable quality.

It is the ideal option for chemical processing, equipment used in the food industry, the aerospace industry, surgical instruments, blades, and more. The right stainless option can improve your products, production, and quality.

What Stainless Is Right for Your Application?

It is important that you choose the right stainless to support your application. Not every sheet metal supplier can offer you a range of stainless to choose from that includes 17-7 stainless. To ensure that you get the metal you need that will not disappoint it is important that you have access to the wide range of stainless options that are available.

Get the support that you need by connecting with the metal supplier that is committed to providing the quality materials you need to ensure the best results.

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