Wondering How To Protect Against Commercial Fires? Read This

Commercial fire alarm system

We Americans have the reputation of being unceasingly optimistic. This is particularly true up to the point of foolhardiness when it comes to possible disasters. We somehow never seem to think a flood, car crash, fire, etc. will happen to us, and when they do we are often left unprepared and in the red.

You’re a business owner. A successful hotel or restaurant owner to boot, who oversees large buildings with many rooms peopled with staff that make your little kingdom go round. This sort of success can lead to arrogance when it comes to keeping the kingdom safe, but if the medieval knights of this extended metaphor have anything to teach us, it’s that shoring up your kingdom’s defenses is crucial to surviving disaster. One great occupational hazard of the hotel and restaurant business for example is fire. Each year, nearly 4,000 hotel fires are called in, causing up to 150 deaths and $76 million in damage annually.

If you want to reduce your risk of a fire decimating your business, invest in fire protection by consulting with an experienced fire protection service company. In addition to providing the basics such as fire alarm inspections and installation, a quality fire protection service company can educate you about the following commercial fire suppression systems:

1. The Fire Extinquisher
You’re probably familiar with the big red cylinder that foams up a storm from the movies. This genius invention works by dislodging the pin, pressing on the trigger, and then bam! Fire suppressing foam everywhere. A fire protection service company can provide you with extinquishers and train your employees on how to use them so that they’ll be quicker to do so in a panic.

2. Sprinklers
While still rare in commercial spaces, fire sprinklers are a great fire suppression option that work nearly 100% of the time. While many businessess are leery to install them, fearing damage of electronics or paint, they’re an important thing to consider if you’re running a hotel as most hotel fires happen in small tight spaces such as rooms where not as many people are on hand to catch them early. They also have a habit of springing up after business hours, meaning there will be less staff immediately available to extinguish them!

3. Smoke Detectors
Considering what an important preventative measure smoke detectors are to stopping fires in their tracks, you would be surprised how many people neglect to install them or install them incorrectly. In fact, over one in 10 hotels that report fires every year have no smoke alarms at all. A fire protection service company can help install these for you so that they are in working order and teach you how and when to disable them and change the batteries.

Don’t risk any red-in the flames or in your ledger. Get fire protection today and back up your optimism with something a little more substantial. (Security!)

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