Why Your Business Should Ship Green

Reduce freight cost

More and more these days, individuals and businesses alike are starting to take “green” initiatives. There are three main benefits that businesses see from going green: saving money, helping the environment, and engaging in socially responsible practices.

1. Shipping green can save you money.
One of the main reasons you should consider making your shipping processes more green is that it’s going to save you money. The goals of being eco-friendly are basically to use less materials and to make processes more efficient (by eliminating or reducing the use of fuels). Optimizing efficiency in packing, and choosing the best contract rates for shipments is going to reduce freight costs and save you a few bucks in a few different places. Using integrated transportation management software and evaluating packing processes are good places to start controlling transportation costs and helping the environment.

2. Obviously, it’s good for the environment.
Another reason that your business should adopt green shipping practices is that it’s just good for the environment. Even if you’re unsure of huge debates like whether or not global warming or climate change are real, it’s probably just good practice to reduce the amount of fuel emissions into the environment. Again, it’s going to save your business money, and you’ll be doing your part for the environment (even if it’s just in case).

3. Customers will like you for it.
There is an idea called corporate social responsibility, which is basically a business ensuring that they are being socially responsible. Not only does this help a business develop a socially responsible philosophy, but it also engages customers and employees. Going green and taking care of the environment are things that people care deeply about, and it helps customers identify with a business on a personal level.

Has your business gone green? Do you have any tips for getting better contract rates for shipments or packing efficiently? Feel free to tell us about it in the comments section. Visit here for more information.

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