Why You Should Trust an SEO Agency With Keyword Research

Mar Keting managers need a proven strategy for potential clients to visit their website. In his YouTube video, “My Favorite Keyword Research Strategy,” SEO agency owner Neil Patel demonstrates his favorite website for optimizing keywords on your landing page. (SEO means search engine optimization, and is a proven marketing strategy.

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When a prospective client looks for a business, they typically search in Google. The searcher typically looks at only the first few result companies. In order to land in those first few results, their website content must contain keywords.

Neil then demonstrates Ubersugs. This online program helps you find the keywords you want to use. He says the first principle of SEO is Keyword Discovery. To use it, the marketer will first type in a suggested query phrase, like “buy a hat.”

The program would then give you suggestions for keywords to include in your website. For the above phrase, they might suggest, “trendy hats,” or “discount hats.” All of those might be terms that fit your business.

The second phase of the program is to show you other businesses in your field. You will see what ranking they are, and which keyword phrases they have utilized. This will allow you to compare results and then use that data to select the perfect keywords for your website to use.

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