Why You Should Consider a Modular Office Design

A modular office is one of the current trends in office design and trends. You will find that people who choose this kind of design are looking to solve a specific issue. Ideally, a modular office is a fully-functional portable office. This office can be assembled and disassembled at will depending on factors such as location, space and other related office needs. So when should you consider a modular office and what benefits you get from choosing this type of office design?

When you Need Immediate Office Space
A modular office was designed to solve this one specific need-the need for immediate office space. Also referred to as implant offices, modular offices have been providing temporary offices with a wide variety of office application. This has especially come as an advantage for businesses that have no permanent abode. Suppose you run a consultancy business with links to government projects where you are supposed to oversee different projects located in different locations concurrently. You will definitely need an office space to carry out your work effectively. However, it is not possible to lease multiple office spaces in different locations for short duration. Such a process would be time consuming and costly. However, setting up a modular office near or at the location the project you are overseeing will offer you a permanent solution for a problem that many professionals can attest is a great challenge-finding a convenient office space.

When you are on a Tight Budget
For most startups, availability of capital or the budget influences so many other decisions in the organizations. The cash available will therefore determine the kind of office, office equipment, number of staff and operational procedures. Taking this into consideration, modular offices are a great alternative for businesses operating on lean budgets. Compared to leasing an office space from a conventional building, a modular office is less expensive and more convenient way of setting up a business central command center. The cost of a modular office is approximately $40 per square foot. However, this cost can vary due to a number of factors. However, it is a less-expensive way of setting up a business premise considering that a typical office space in a commercial building will cost you between $120 and $200 per square foot.

When You Outgrow Your Current Office Space
There are some businesses with the financial capacity of leasing permanent office spaces or even building their own spaces. This is a great advantage to the company but is not a permanent solution to a business that is experiencing rapid growth. So what happens when your current staff has outgrown your current working space? One of the solutions is getting a prefabricated office. Depending on the type of workforce and the nature of operations in the organization, there are people who are more productive when working in isolation. As an employer, you can take advantage of the productivity aspect of the workforce to install prefabricated offices within the permanent working area. There are so many ways of achieving this such as subdividing the permanent office area with portable office walls. Each of the employees can be guaranteed of their own personal working area. If the office area has no capacity to handle everyone working in the organization, you can set up a modular office outside the permanent building to handle additional staff.

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