Why Use Modified Shipping Container for Pop-Ups

Sometimes, even having a storewide sale doesn’t cut it. Even if you have a new product launch, people may not be enthusiastic about joining. Using the same rundown approach may not be as appealing anymore.

What you need is to ride the new wave known as retail pop-ups. It’s an on-the-fly shopping event to attract shopaholics, not just for the bargain but for the experience.

Pioneered by Starbucks back in 2011, their 450 square foot shipping container store was a hit in Washington. It’s an unusual design for a coffee shop that attracted a lot of new customers, and the result is the Starbucks coffee empire we see today. They may not be using a shipping container cafe anymore, but it sure has helped them propel their business.

What is a Retail Pop-Up Approach?

A retail pop-up is a temporary brick-and-mortar retail shop. With more and more online shops wanting to expand to a brick-and-mortar store, customized shipping container provided the opportunity to do this. Pop-up shops now have a current U.S. market value of $50 billion, proof enough that this approach is booming – getting more attention for online and small businesses.

Pop-ups are not exclusive to shops only. There are also pop-up events that most customers now expect from their favorite brands when launching products or making a sale.

In 2015, Taco Bell debuted a 1,080 square foot pop-up store using a modified shipping container. They later opened a permanent shipping container store in California at the beginning of 2017.

What Makes Modified Shipping Container a Great Option?

A retail shipping container can help your brand stand out from your competitors. It’s a perfect modular base that you can modify in a variety of ways, such as fitted with shelves, display cases, electrical wiring, and plumbing installations as well.

Here are some of the factors that make modified shipping containers a great option:

1. Easy to Set Up during Peak Season

Whether it’s Christmas, Black Friday, or any other peak season associated with shopping, you can rely on pop up containers to help set up a store extension quick. Most shoppers during peak season try to avoid the mall since it’s too crowded. Instead of missing out on shopping opportunities, you can use a modular container to bring your products to your customers.

If you have a dead space around your store, such as an unused parking space, you can display your inventory outside. You can also showcase new arrivals and sale items upfront, which can be quickly done from a pop up container.

2. Markets Itself as Selling Good Deals

A pop up container can influence buyers’ minds since shipping containers could mean products on sale. Items are on a bargain because they’re in the surplus shop. As a result, it draws attention to things that may seem to be unsellable when displayed in normal stores.

3. Mobile and Portable

One of the significant advantages of a customized shipping container is its portability. Construction doesn’t take as long and as messy as with normal brick-and-mortar shops. At the same time, you can easily relocate it if, let’s say, an event is done.

These containers are also self-contained, allowing you to easily set up electrical wiring or plumbing. Depending on the customization, it can accommodate any kind of shops, whether you’re selling foods or wardrobes, or even services.

4. Attracts More Customers

Since most customers today have a short attention span, your shop not only needs to be eye-catching but should provide a unique experience to customers. A shipping container provides this one-of-a-kind experiential shopping that customers will delightfully share on social media.

5. Easy to Modify and Customize

A shipping container is a blank canvas that’s ready to accommodate any kind of design and customization you want. Your customized retail shipping container can have display fixtures and hookups set up easily so you can make your business available in no time.

Offer a Unique Experience to Your Customers

Stand out from your competitors by setting up a pop-up container for your business. Whether you set it up as a retail shop or a small bar, or even a signup booth, you’ll find a lot of unique uses for modified shipping containers that can leave an excellent lasting experience for your customers.

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