Why Sunken Driveways are No Good for Anybody

When you are in need of residential asphalt paving and driveway installation services, it is always best to turn to the local professionals. Experience pavers and designers can work with you to create the perfect driveway space for your home. They can help you consider various driveway configurations and layouts that can help you and your family make the most of your available space.

If you have driveway makeover ideas, these pros can take your ideas and the points you are looking for and help you develop something that is both attractive as well as practical and functional. Whether you are looking for something simple and basic or are willing to invest in a unique driveway pavement design and layout professional pavers are your best options for quality services each and every time.

From working on new installations to driveway renovation ideas to general maintenance and small repairs, find our local repair contractors and give them a call. See what services they offer and what their current rates are. Then you can make an informed choice about whom to call for your driveway and pavement renovation needs.

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Your driveway is a pretty important place, though you probably don’t think of it as such. But why wouldn’t it be? It’s the first stop you make when heading out of your home for work, errands, or events, and it’s the last stop before retreating back into your abode. It doesn’t require a lot of upkeep, but it does get a lot of wear and tear, especially over time, and it’s important to check in on it every now and then to see if any service is required. One common thing that you might happen to see outside the homes of neighbors who aren’t maintaining their space is sunken driveways. Particularly for those that park in the same spot day after day, dips in the surface become visible.

Why can sunken driveways be an issue?
Aside from the obvious parking spot for your car or access to your garage, think of all the things that take place on your driveway. Bake sales and yard sales, basketball games, teaching your children to skate and ride a bike, meeting neighbors for the first time. It is also one of the first things that visitors see when taking in your home for the first time. It’s worth making a good impression, but it is also safer to make sure that no one is at risk of rolling an ankle or taking a spill. Keeping your driveway maintained will also help to keep your car in good health as well.

Which is better for my driveway: concrete or asphalt?
Sunken driveways, and other issues that can occur, are not simply aesthetic or surface problems. A driveway is nothing without a good foundation, and it is advisable to research and contact professionals to handle the construction or reconstruction of your driveway. Then comes the question of which type of driveway will best fit your needs. Many opt for concrete, as these types tend to last longer. If a concrete driveway is properly done and kept up, it should last a good 25 to 50 years. Plus, if you’re looking for some variety, it can be available in over 250 colors. However it does tend to be more expensive, and can be easily damaged in the winter without proper care. Asphalt driveways on the other hand go down more easily as far as the initial installation, and the price tag looks better. They typically don’t last quite as long as concrete drives, but asphalt driveway repair is simple and not too pricey. Another plus is the environmental aspect. It can be reused, and in 2013 over 67 million tons of asphalt was recovered and almost 100% was used again.

It pays to keep your driveway in good condition and cared for, whether it’s an interesting shade of concrete or recycled asphalt.

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