Why SEO is Like a Romance Three Lies Your Company Tell You

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What, exactly, is the truth behind SEO? Sometimes, finding a good SEO company is like a dating game.

OKCupid is a leading free online dating site, and they frequently use their users’ dating data in order to make interesting observations about what people look for in a partner, and how they present themselves while looking. In an interesting data study published to their blog, OKcupid found that when it comes to small lies, their users consistently list themselves as being two inches taller and 20% poorer than they really are, and the most attractive pictures on their site tend to be the oldest.

What does any of this have to do with SEO? Well, the reality of the SEO game is that many of the companies you talk to will, in effect, lie to you about what they’re doing, and how effectively they’re doing it. Here is our list of common lies that SEO marketing agencies like to say, so that you can tell the good SEO companies from the bad.

1. “We can get you the number one rank for a keyword, or your money back.”

A website SEO company might know the right lines to make your knees weak, but don’t fall for this promise — it’s broken a lot of hearts before. The truth is, no one can guarantee you a top spot, especially if you want SEO with longevity. Every keyword is different and your competitors aren’t taking the day off either. In many cases, an SEO company will technically accomplish this by finding the easiest keyword half-relating to your business and promoting that — and whether or not you get any business as a result, isn’t really their problem.

2. “We submit your site to hundreds of directories and search engines to help you get a better ranking”

Unless it’s still 2005, submitting your URL to random websites isn’t going to help you out much. In many cases, this will actually constitute as link farming — something that Google can and will penalize you for if they find your website link coming up in multiple poorly rated directories. Don’t fall for that tired line.

3. “We can’t tell you how we get results, but we will get them”

It’s tough not to be drawn in by a mystery man’s persona, but this isn’t Twilight. Demand to know what techniques the company is using. Good SEO companies won’t keep their general account management a secret — they want you to understand what’s going on so that the overall process is transparent, even if you’re not getting the nitty gritty analytic details. The problem you can run into otherwise is that your company might be using blackhat SEO techniques that work great in the short term, but get you Google blacklisted in the long term.

With these tips, hiring an SEO company doesn’t have to be hard. Are you looking for good SEO companies that could handle your marketing? Let us know in the comments.
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