Why Print Media Is Still Important In Today’s Society

Automatic spiral binder

Do you still receive the daily newspaper and other pieces of mail iike advertisements? Maybe you grew up receiving these things in the mail, and you have never wanted to stop. Perhaps you stopped for awhile and tried to get all your news information online. If you are like many in the United States, reading your news online just was not as satisfying as picking up the newspaper and other advertisements out of the mail each day.

How much do you know about how the newspaper and other daily advertisements are produced and made in the United States? Do you know much about what equipment is necessary to put these products together like a wire binding machine, a paper punching machine and why it is important to use automatic wire binding? Keep reading to learn more about the print industry in the United States and why things like a wire binding machine are so important to keeping it up and running.

Although information is available in so many places today, people still enjoy products made from the print industry like books, newspapers and advertisements. As of 2015, 80 percent of book sales throughout the world were still print rather than online. The print industry remains a large industry throughout the world. In fact, it is one of the largest industries. Due to this, many people are employed in this industry, and the industry uses plenty of paper every year. Around 9,125,000,000 tons of paper of used every year in the United States alone.

One reason the print industry is still doing so well even with the rise of the internet is that people are still more engaged by print material rather than online material. In fact, 59% of people say they prefer print than online when it comes to reading information. When it comes to receiving items in the mail that people want to read, a surprising amount actually appreciate receiving their daily newspaper and advertisements. Instead of just throwing away advertising mail, 80% claim to read through it, even if briefly.

There are a few pieces of equipment that are necessary to producing these types of mailings from an automatic coil binder, to an automatic paper punching machine, to a wire binding machine. This equipment is not new to the print industry, though. In fact, for over 50 years the industry has been using things like plastic coil binding in addition to a wire binding machine. These facts just go to show that the print industry and advertisements were important to society decades ago, and they still stand today despite the rise of the internet.

Do you still receive newspapers and advertisements via the mail? Do you take time to browse through them every once in awhile? Let us know in the comments if you prefer to read your information and news online or in print.

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