Why Location Matters in Leasing Warehouse Space

Warehouse space to rent

When it comes to leasing warehouses, location matters. They have to be far enough from the downtown and other high traffics areas, but close enough to the highway and other transportation hubs for easy access to trains, airports and shipping as well as for trucks. Lakeland FL is well placed as a transportation hub and is easily accessible to neighboring population centers in central Florida. This makes it a good location for warehousing as well as leasing retail space. As the economy improves, finding warehouse space can be more challenging.

What to look for in a warehouse space
Warehouse spaces are typically located outside cities and towns. That’s because they need quick and easy access to transportation hubs and highways. No one wants trucks full of shipped goods idling in the traffic. Proximity to trains, airports, and seaports is also a plus when considering warehouse locations.
Facilities like security, lighting and loading docks can be a time and money savers as well. Some warehouse spaces come with cranes, forklifts, ISO standard pallets, and pallet racks. Other specifications that matter in choosing warehouse space for rent are bay depth and ceiling height of the building, which is also known as clear height. This may be important when shippers have large or bulky items.

Warehousing and leasing retail space in Lakeland FL
Lakeland in central Florida is in many ways the textbook example of an ideal location for warehousing and distribution, as well as leasing retail space. It is located in the center of the state, and 8.5 million people live within a 100 mile radius. This gives manufacturers, shippers and retailers access to a mobile and connected workforce and consumer base.
A network of highways and public transportation services connect the area, making it easier for people to get around for work and shopping. It’s also within easy reach of seaports like Tampa and to rail and air links. Renting a warehouse or leasing retail space here is a good choice, and the area attracts many major retailers.

Finding warehouse space to rent
In fact, the question may not be so much about choosing a location as finding industrial warehouse space to rent. As the economy improves, warehouse space is at a premium. Vacancy rates are low, and it can be a challenge to find warehouse space for rent. Online listings with full details about lease terms can make the task easier.

Location matters when it comes to leasing retail space or warehouses. Lakeland FL has all the advantages of a mobile workforce and access to major highways and transportation hubs. As vacancy rates decline, it can be harder to find warehouse space to rent. Online listings with details about less terms and conditions are a good source of information about warehouse spaces for rent.

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