Why Investing In Campgrounds Is One Of The Smartest Business Choices Today

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Camping is a beloved recreational hobby in the United States. So much so that it sees tens of millions of Americans heading out to camp resorts, family campgrounds and popular monuments on a yearly basis. This makes investment in camping, be it owning a camping franchise or helping promote it, one of the most savvy choices you can make as a business-owner. You’ll help reach out to families, couples and individuals who enjoy the great outdoors and want to get fit, providing them with options in a field that only gets more and more robust by the day.

Did You Know?

Camping has been popular in the United States for many decades. Over 80% of campers prefer to participate in outdoor cooking while camping, whether it’s popping popcorn over an open fire or grilling the latest catch. Around 50% of campers will travel less than 100 miles away from home when camping, making a significant amount of repeat campers locals, to boot. Contrary to popular belief, traditional camping activities such as hiking, fishing and kayaking are still very popular.

How Do People Prefer To Camp?

A campsite business should be intimately familiar with how people like to spend their leisure time. Failure to recognize popular trends can see your potential client base turning instead to your competitors. Although pitching a tent is the classic means of camping, more and more Americans are preferring to find a campground or use their RV. The RVIA has estimated there are as many as 30 million RV enthusiasts across the nation. This includes RV renters. But what else do customers look for?

What Are Dealbreakers For Most Customers?

Your campground should cover the basics and then some if it’s to attract a steady and significant client base. One of the most important things for the average camper is access to free wi-fi. This is so they can check their e-mail, listen to music or feel comfortable in case of an emergency situation. Failing to provide this can make your campground seem less safe and less up-to-date than your competitors. Additionally, a Kampgrounds Of American study saw around 20% of camping respondents ranking ‘kid-friendly campsites’ as a major plus.

What Demographics Prefer To Camp?

American campers come in all shapes and sizes. Recent data has shown around 60% of campers over the age of 16 were either married or living with a partner. Another six out of 10 households can say someone has gone camping in their home recently. Overall, families, families with kids and couples are some of the most frequent visitors of RV parks and campground franchises. Appealing to them through your marketing campaign and gearing your amenities to be applicable to the young and old will go a long way.

How Can My Campground Stand Out?

There are many benefits to owning a campsite business. With environmental awareness increasing by the minute and more Americans becoming health conscious, reaching out through an up-to-date and trendy campground is a great place to start. The leisure and fitness industry both cross over into camping, meaning your client base can be a massive and varied one, indeed. There are over 12,000 RV-related businesses in the United States, as well, and can help you choose a specialty. Camping is the great American past-time. What can you offer?

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