Why Having Home Health Insurance Is Crucial for Home Health Agencies

Home health workers compensation insurance

People are generally more naturally comfortable in their home — an environment that they’ve created and are familiar with. However, as they age, children or other loved ones may have concerns about them living by themselves and carrying out a daily routine effectively. For many people, staying in their home is a priority and home health care works to allow them to do so, with the necessary assistance they require. As American grays, home care is becoming one of the 10 fastest growing occupations, says the Bureau of Labor Statistics. And given that by 2050, those over the age of 65 in the United States will almost double, from just shy of 50 million to almost 90 million. However, home health workers can face some risk and so home health insurance is often a necessary part of their employment.

What Does Home Care Cover?
Many people think of medical care when they think about home care, but in fact, home care workers may not need to bring in another skilled medical professional if the individual just needs companionship and homemaking services. Skilled nursing services are usually run by a home health agency and will coordinate with healthcare professionals on taking evaluations of the patient’s health, taking vital signs, prescribing medication, and other tasks to keep the individual safe and healthy while at home.

Preparing meals, setting out medication, bathing, dressing, grooming, and other personal care services are all tasks a home care worker might provide. Their job is to make sure the individual is safe and cared for during the day. Assisting in the shower or bath, for example, can make sure there are no slips or falls. Around one-third of those over 65 have at least one fall a year and falling becomes riskier and more damaging as one gets older.

Home care workers will have a good deal of on the job transportation, which can be anything from driving from client to client, driving for a client (to pick up or drop items off), or getting a client from place to place.

Why Is Home Health Insurance Necessary?

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the injury rate for home health care workers is 50% greater than hospital workers! The Centers for Disease Control report that the most common hazards for home health care workers are violence, allergies to latex, musculoskeletal disorders, injuries due to driving, needle or sharp injuries, and exposure to unsafe or unsanitary conditions (such as aggressive pets or bad water).

It’s clear that home health insurance then, is a requirement for most home health agencies. For businesses looking for home health agency insurance, there are generally five kinds to look into. They may not need all the types of home health care business insurance, but it’s good to know about. There’s general and professional liability insurance, non-owned automobile liability insurance, commercial crime coverage, content and building insurance, and home healthcare insurance workers compensation.

With the right kind of home health care liability insurance, home care or home health agencies may be able to contest workers compensation costs, should accidents occur in the workplace, because they’re covered another way. If company vehicles are used, having insurance for the home health vehicles can save the company money in event of a no-fault accident or other incidentals. In general, having home health business insurance is a smart move for any agency and can help protect the business, which in turn, protects the employees.

Make sure your business is protected in all facets. Healthcare and working with the elderly can often be litigious, and you want to make sure that if an incident occurs through no fault of your own, you’re well equipped to handle it. Having good home health insurance can also make you attractive to potential employees, as it shows that you’re looking out for their wellbeing in all aspects of their job.

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