Why Employment Agencies Are Important

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The world of business is one that can be incredibly complicated. This means that not only are people who have no experience in business will have a hard time understanding the industry, it also means that even the people involved in business may not be experts in terms of understanding all aspects of a business. There is just so much that really goes into a successful business that it is tough to master everything involved in success.

One of the aspects of running a business involves hiring in employees and this is most commonly viewed as the job of the human resources department. Hiring a job agency or working with employment agencies can go a long way to help you. Many people who run businesses will often overlook the importance of having a strong human resources department.

These people do not realize that hiring in the right employees is one of the foundational aspects of running a successful business. McKinsey conducted research and this research revealed that gender-diverse companies are 15% more likely to outperform other companies and that also companies considered to be ethnically-diverse are 35% more likely to do the same thing.

If you want a successful business that can be sustained you need to try and work with employment agencies to bring in the right people. A staffing company will work with you to develop criteria by which they will hire employees. Here is what you need to know about working with employment agencies.

They Help Business Gain Employees

Job agencies will help you get out your employment opportunity to the right employees. You will be able to set up guidelines that the employment agencies can use to determine whether or not a certain employee will be the right fit for your company.

Whether you are looking for employees to fill a temp job or not, these employment agencies will get you the right person for the fit. 93% of all recruiters will look at a candidate’s social media profile, which is not easy, and thus an agency can help do that work for you. Also, know that more than 3 million contract and temporary employees work for America’s staffing companies during an average week.

They Help Businesses Retain Employees

One of the worst things that can happen to a business is a high turnover rate. This means that a business has a hard time retaining employees which can lead to constantly hiring new employees and this ends up costing businesses quite a lot of money. As a matter of fact, it has been proven that within 45 days of being hired, 22% of all new employees will leave their jobs.

57% of all organizations believe that employee retention is a serious problem. Take this even further by realizing that 46% of all human resources professionals believe that retention is the number one concern. Employee retention is a concern for two reasons. The first deals specifically with the idea of lost time in terms of training and then losing these new employees, although the second might be the worst of the two.

The annual amount of money lost to employee turnover equates to about $11 billion. This means that the cost of employee turnover range from 30 to 150% of that employee’s specific salary. This is why many employers will look to employment agencies in order to help keep employees. Employee recognition programs have been cited as an aid to make workers happier by 86% of all companies. When employees are hired, if they go through a structured program that involves training, they will be 58% more likely to stay with their company after three years.

In Conclusion

Know that if you need to get help from employment agencies there is no shame. So many businesses rely on outsourcing human resources work to people who can get them the best results. Take care of your employees and it will allow you to take care of your business.

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