Why Direct Mail Marketing Is Still Relevant In the United States

A direct mail company can be a great way to market your business or product, as the typical direct mail company will have a positive effect on the vast majority of customers. And it is true that marketing strategies have become vast and sometimes hard to keep track of how many there are. With the advent of the internet – and the explosion of the use of it – marketing has moved to a mostly digital platform, from social media platforms, ads tailored specifically to you, and state of the art, frequently updated and easy to navigate websites. And all of these things are well and good and, in fact, have become a very essential part of marketing. It is certainly true that without digital marketing strategies, many companies would begin to flounder. In fact, it has become typical that more than half of a marketing budget will be spent on mobile ads alone. It makes sense too, with the smartphone addiction that has swept the nation and the world as a whole. But that does not mean that all pre-internet strategies of marketing have become obsolete and completely antiquated. In fact, as the typical direct mail company proves, this is far from the truth.

A direct mail campaign, run through a direct mail company, is still a very effective form of marketing all throughout the United States. In fact, many customers and potential consumers seem to prefer it. One survey even found that as many as fifty six percent of all customers feel that a direct mail campaign is more trustworthy, and are likely to think of direct mail marketing as a more truthful strategy – and therefore be more likely to buy whatever product or service that they are being marketed. A very similar percentage of the same group of people – fifty four percent – even say that they prefer a direct mail marketing strategy over other types of marketing strategies that have gained prevalence as of recent years. Some of this comes back to the fact that people simply like to get mail. There’s a satisfaction in getting mailed something that just doesn’t quite translate to opening an email or clicking on an ad that was tailored to you on Facebook. Something about the latter can feel very impersonal for a lot of people, whereas the average direct mail company knows that receiving physical direct mail feels very, very different. In fact, as many as eighty percent of consumers are so excited to receive a piece of direct mail that they will even open it as soon as they see their name on it.

The response towards the marketing done by a direct mail company has continued to be overwhelmingly positive and with high success rates. Because not only do people say they like direct mail marketing better, but they actually tend to act more on it as well. Data even shows that a direct mail marketing campaign will receive more than thirty five times the total responses that other types of marketing – such as email marketing, to name just one example – will. And a direct mailing service is likely to lead as many as forty percent of potential customers to make a purchase of an item or a service (that they were marketed through a direct mail company) within the next three months and no longer.

Though the internet is surely a hugely important way to engage in marketing strategies, as well as a way to create personalized marketing as it has never been done before, it is only one of a number of strategies. Older strategies, like direct mail marketing, are still hugely important in the world of marketing and advertising, and many companies, brands, and products would not be doing nearly as well without it. Though the internet certainly does influence many of our decisions, it is not the only thing that does this. It is but one tool that, when combined with the use of a direct mail company that does direct mail marketing, can create a powerful marketing force overall and altogether.

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