When to Get Your Sewer Pipes Inspected

Sewer camera inspection

There was once a time when people had to go to wells for water and outhouses to relieve themselves. Gone are the days where once is forced to venture from the comfort of their own home to cover basic needs thanks to indoor plumbing. There are currently over 386,900 men and women working as plumbers across the United States, meaning that no matter where you are you can rely on a trusted expert for pipe inspection and sewer repair.

Many of the issues associated with sewage systems is due to inadequate maintenance that often can be resolved cheaply and easily. The leaks in a home can ultimately add up to over 10,000 gallons of wasted water. A showerhead that leaks an average of 10 drips per minute can waste over 500 gallons of water per year alone. By patching up leaks, homeowners can save up to 10% on their water bill.

If you are paying more than you believe you should for water, a pipe inspection can determine whether you ought to look into pipe replacement. Sewer lines that are older than 40 years old ought to be inspected as candidates for replacement as well. New trenchless sewer repair techniques require minimal excavations while providing a new pipe line that can help save you hundreds in water waste per year. Pipe bursting and lining techniques used with trenchless pipe repair systems are as durable as new piping; plus many come with warranties that guarantee 10 to 50 years of service. Another option is a cured in place piping system (CIPP) that takes between one and 30 hours to install and is designed with a 50 year life in mind. These innovations in the plumbing world give the customer more control over their services while maintaining the condition of the customer’s yard.

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