What You Should Know About Expedited Freight

The transportation of freight by truck is becoming an ever-increasing industry. It’s been shown that more than 15 billion tons of cargo was transported in just 2013 alone, and estimates show that it’s expected to increase to 18.79 billion tons by 2040. While the amount of freight has been steadily increasing over time, statistics how that the value of freight per ton is expected to increase by nearly $500 in the next two decades. With nearly 12 million trucks, rail cars, and locomotives transporting freight across the country, it is becoming ever more valuable and important to effectively transport freight from retailer to destination.

In a case where you need something to be shipped out and delivered by a set time — something most industries will understand within this fast-paced world of business we currently live in — there are means to get your goods shipped quicker than ever before. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is through the use of expedited trucking, more often referred to as expedited freight services.

Expedited freight services are the means through which freight can be quickly transported from manufacturer to consumer, business owner to retail location. By removing any unnecessary time that might come in the form of longer routes, specialty freight can be delivered by a set deadline. For anyone that requires timely trade show freight shipments, this can be a life saver, ensuring that materials get exactly where they need to be when expected. Similarly, medical institutions and pharmaceuticals can easily have time-sensitive materials shipped where they need to be, whether that’s to a hospital or research university.

So what can be shipped through expedited freight services? Well, there are a number of options available. Any type of specialty freight can be shipped through expedited freight services, whether that be overweight shipping or less that truckload shipping (LTL shipping). In any case, the logistics of the shipping must be considered, as the shipping terms are constructed under the notion of urgency. This means that how your freight is separated and shipped will be determined by the company completing the expedited freight services, i.e. overweight freight will have to be shipped in a way that makes it viable for the ease of transportation while still keeping urgency in mind.

No matter the distance that freight must be shipped, or the type of company that requires shipping services, expedited shipping can be completed under the right circumstances. By communicating with the shipping company, you can determine what form of shipping, cost of shipping, and due date are right for you and your expedited freight.

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