What to Consider Before Embarking on a Trucking Career

Truckers are in high demand, hauling goods all over the country. Many truck drivers are able to make six-figure salaries. Maurice Bey of the popular YouTube channel The Helpful Trucker discusses what you need to consider before embarking on a trucking career.

The first thing you need to know is that trucking is not a permanent career.

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This is a physically and mentally demanding job. You’ll be doing much more than driving a truck. You need to have an exit strategy prepared before you start your first haul. You need to start saving for retirement with your first check.

Trucking is a very time-consuming job. You will be missing out on time spent with family and friends in order to do your job. Your relationships may suffer simply because you cannot be around. Dating or keeping up a marriage may be difficult.

Trucking is an unpredictable job. You tend to get paid by the mile and not by the complexity of the job. This means you sometimes will not know how much money you will be making week by week. If you own your own truck, then you need to prepare for things like repairs, sudden jumps in fuel costs, or a lack of customers.

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