What Separates A Successful Sales Executive From A Mediocre One?

How to hire sales people

What is the secret to a successful executive sales recruitment? Is it a passion for a career in sales or is it significant experience in sales and marketing? All these questions you’ll see answered below, as sales jobs have been booming in the past few years and you’re far from the only one to wonder as to the secret formula of success. Executive sales recruitment has been seeing noticeable overhauls, from more thorough screening processes to fluctuating standards, in order to better cultivate sound results down the line. Feeling a little lost in the flow? Don’t be. Below are some simple questions with even simpler answers, all the better to get you started on the right foot.

How Are Sales Doing In America?

Let’s start off with the current state of the market. There are well over 22 million sales professionals in North America alone, which is nothing to say of brands, businesses and entrepreneurs. Efficient executive sales recruitment is frequently at the forefront of many a small and large businesses’ mind as the industry only gets more saturated with information. When only 32% of all sales people have been with their company for less than a year, staying ahead of the curve is a must.

What Are Common Issues With Sales Recruitment?

Good salespeople are the backbone of any organization. Of all the sales professionals in North America, around 40% will miss their quota, 22% are considered untrainable and only 10% will provide a significant return on the investment (shortened to ROI). Research has shown, shockingly enough, that only 20% of sales leads are ever followed up after initial presentation. Around 80% of non-routine sales occur after at least five follow-ups.

What Does Good Sales Technique Involve?

Quality sales representatives need a wide variety of skills to succeed in the marketplace. Firstly, recruits need to have decent research skills in order to better find out about prospects as well as know the needs of their business at large. Selling, believe it or not, isn’t the most important thing. Existing sales representatives can assist in the nitty gritty of training and mentoring new recruits, after all, leaving plenty of time to establish a useful foundation. Sticking with a client and building a trustworthy business relationship is crucial.

What Additional Skills Are Needed?

While good communication skills and savvy hiring practices are a great place to start off of, they are still not all that’s needed to create future success. Contact management software is continuing to become a regular resource for many a business, meaning a recruitment agency should seek out people that are tech-savvy as well as charming. Sales recruitment firms routinely screen for this qualities before anything is cemented in stone. Not sure you have what it takes to separate the good from the bad? That’s what sales staffing agencies are for.

How Can I Encourage More Successful Sales Results?

At the end of the day, selling is a social business that relies on a hearty combination of technology, interpersonal skills and passion. Patience, perseverance, confidence, strong communication and a good sense of humor are all important qualities for executive sales recruitment. The best salespeople, in the end, are strategic and go in with a plan — over 60% of sales reps go into a sale with a carefully outlined plan, ending up 33% more likely to close sales than their less prepared counterparts. Preparation and a positive future outlook is a necessity for successful executive sales recruitment. Are you ready?

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