What Can This Packaging Revolution Do For You?

Non-zippered pouches

In January 2016, Duke’s mayo made headlines when they revolutionized their retail packaging. For the first time in the company’s history, Duke’s mayonnaise was shipped in flat stand-up pouches rather than resealable glass or plastic jars. These flat pouches were unlike anything else in similar product lines and, perhaps more importantly for some, saved Duke’s bottom line. If you’re in packaging like me, Duke’s new flat pouches might have you wondering: what can these flat pouches do for me? Check out our review of new flat pouches and stand-up pouches that are appearing more and more on shelves around the world.

So, what can plastic pouch packaging do for your business? For one, save you money. Only 1.5 pounds of flexible plastic packaging sleeves to deliver up to 10 gallons of a liquid or beverage product. Not convinced? Consider this: in order to ship the same volume of glass jars and flexible plastic packaging, it would require 26 truckloads and 1 truckload respectively. Think how much fuel is saved with the loss of 25 trucks with the same distributed volume. The benefits of lower shipping costs can make the difference in today’s turbulent economy.

What’s more, pouch packaging — products such as stand-up pouches and shrink sleeves — helps keep food products fresh and ensure longer shelf-life. Waste affects all rungs of a business’ economic ladder, so avoiding product spoilage or contamination can save companies even more in the distribution sector. It’s estimated that each pound of plastic packaging such as flat pouches or stretch sleeves can reduce food waste by close to 2 pounds. With Americans wasting 40 million pounds of food each year, it’s no wonder that plastic pouches are becoming an ever increasingly popular shipping choice.

Flat pouches and other stand-up pouches are appearing more and more on supermarket shelves. Some packaging design and liquid pouch packaging suppliers are beginning to talk about pouch packaging as the future of plastic packaging design. Whether you are in plastics manufacturing or in industrial food production, you can’t afford to let your business get left behind. The American plastics manufacturing industry employs close to one million Americans and represents a $375 billion section of the American economy. Flexible pouch packaging enabled Duke’s to do the near impossible: cut costs in today’s economy – and they did it all with packaging. What can flat pouches do for you?

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