What Are the Advantages of Utility Billing Services?

Billing statements

Did you know that traditional invoicing costs a whopping $41,241 in annual labor costs? In fact, businesses will spend about $3,402 on postage and supplies alone each year, let alone the additional cost of labor. Yet, such costs can be virtually eliminated with utility billing services, which allow businesses do their all of their billing online.

Reducing expensive operational costs is only one benefit of using utility billing services. If unconvinced that this outstanding service can benefit your company, here are a few other advantages utility billing services can offer.


Many businesses are apprehensive about utility billing services because they don’t trust the Internet to keep sensitive, private information safe. However, these services encrypt the data specially for your company so that no hackers or online intruders can steal the information. Online statements are also password protected, to further defend against the threat of hackers. By eliminating such threats, utility billing services are actually much more secure than snail mail methods, which could easily lose important documents or create situations where they get stolen.

Instantaneous Access.

Electronic billing is a fast and efficient way to make transactions. Delivery is instantaneous, and clients can make payments at any time. This means there’s no more waiting for deliveries or for the postman to pick up documents.


Paper bills can get messy, cluttered, and quickly become disorganized. This means that you might waste time trying to find a certain bill and then having to put things in the proper place. Since e-bills are all electronic, there aren’t any tangible objects to get lost or become disorganized. It also takes a fraction of the time to create and send bills electronically than it does to create hard copies.

Perhaps now you understand why there were about 20 billion more payments made with utility billing services in 2009 than in 2006, and why these electronic billing services have only grown even more since. If you have any questions about the benefits of using a utility billing service, feel free to ask in the comments.

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