Welding Jobs Are On The Rise Choosing A Bright New Career Field With Endless Opportunities For Growth

There are countless career fields for you to choose from when it comes to personal satisfaction or the opportunity for growth. When you want to be part of the very fabric of the country? Welding is the place to be.

Welding, manufacturing and shipping are thriving industries ever in need of hard workers who care about what they do. Whether you find yourself working in the beer industry or manufacturing heating and cooling appliances, you’ll enjoy steady pay and plenty of room to flex your muscles. Welding comes with its own set of safety and regulations, however, and can’t be easily picked up on a whim. Taking a little extra time training and studying now will really pay off for you and yours.

Before you buy Tulsa gear, read below and learn more about what you’re up against when going down this new road in your life.

What does the American workforce look like today? You may be tempted to look toward less-than-positive statistics of a failing economy and a lack of viable career opportunities, but the fact of the matter is quite different. Welding and manufacturing is doing particularly well according to recent estimates. Over 50% of products today require welding at some point down the line, with two out of three welding jobs located in manufacturing. Still not convinced? Tulsa gear will be just one of many details on your way to your next job.

The Bureau Of Labor Statistics has a lot of positive things to say about welding today. A recent estimate was released stating employment for welders, cutters, solderers and brazers to reach an impressive 412,000 once 2024 comes around. Take a step back and look at some of the statistics released in 2016, such as the United States ranking second only after China in worldwide beer production. To date there are over 465,000 propane forklift customers as well as 81,000 agricultural propane customers in the United States. Your welding gear will take on many forms depending on where you end up.

There’s a lot to be found in cryotherapy, too. The global cyrotherapy market is expected to hit a nice collective value of $5 billion by 2024. Nitrogen is an inert gas comprising nearly 80% of the atmosphere, able to be distilled from ordinary air and used for a wide variety of purposes. Consumable liquids benefit greatly from nitrogen. It allows manufacturers to purge the headspace between liquid and the lid of the bottle, extending the shelf life of a product by 500%. The liquid needs to be cold, however, and maintained at 35 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Welding gas bottle refills or gas and gear can benefit a lot from your new expertise. A recent study found nearly a 40% share of the pipelines either under construction or planning to be built were located in North America. More and more countries are eager to receive what America’s crafting, in industries ranging from repair to beverage, and the best worker is the prepared one. Your work could see you cutting metals in a manufacturing plant of choice or helping keep drinks carbonated and safely transported across the American transportation network.

Now for a review. Your Tulsa gear will look a little different depending on the industry you choose. Whichever one you choose will offer you a career path that will only get better over the coming years. You have both international and stateside growth to contend with, as well as a wealth of unique positions that provide you steady work in safety, manufacturing and repair. You can even carve yourself out a niche in beer, agriculture or transportation as you study the ins and outs of welding regulator repair. It’s a lot to handle, but the benefits are well worth it.

Tulsa gear is just the beginning. Which career field will only get better with your unique perspective?

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