Vintage Furniture Or New Plants? Five Interior Design Tips To Shake Up Your Restaurant’s Look

What’s the first thing a customer sees when they walk into your establishment?

You might say the sign is what brought them to the store in the first place. You might also consider the function of a clean parking lot when it comes to cultivating a solid first impression. When it comes down to it, though, what tends to stick with a person visually is the interior design of your building. Who would want to spend their money at a restaurant or a bar that looks visually underwhelming, dirty or even dull? Give your customers something extra to talk about by renovating your spaces this year.

The list below will give you five popular design trends to start you on the right path.

Wooden Furniture Is A Graceful Classic

Modern restaurant furniture can take on many forms. You can go for a classic dining approach with smooth table tops and minimalist additions…or you can touch on the trend that’s been sweeping the nation. Vintage stylings hearken to older times, invoking comfort and nostalgia in people of all shapes and sizes. A recent survey revealed nearly 60% of American consumers much prefer vintage or retro styles over more modern approaches. Your furniture upholstery fabric can only push this appeal to the furthest of its potential.

Upholstery Fabric Should Compliment The Style

Should you go for the striped table cover or is it better to keep things simple? Make sure your furniture upholstery fabric is complimenting your style rather than clashing with it. Everything from the textures to the patterns will go a long way in bringing together your dining area, lobby and foyer. Flowers can make for a delicate visual addition, though plaid, pinstripes and basic neutrals have their place, too. Commercial table tops should be durable to hold up to repeated use and easy to wash at the end of the day.

A Strong Color Scheme Ties Everything Together

When in doubt? Turn to a good color scheme. Interior design’s three principles of focal point, unity and color are there to give you a foundation to work off of. A drab or lifeless design will turn customers off and even make them feel negatively about your store, which is the last thing you want when trying to cultivate a devoted fanbase. Likewise, happy colors or rich combinations will entice people’s curiosity and have them coming back for more. Wooden furniture is even better in this area, as the gentle neutrals of wood combine well with primary and secondary colors.

Make Sure You Have Good Accessories

What else does a good restaurant need besides appealing furniture upholstery fabric and durable furniture? Accessories will make or break the final message you’re trying to get across. There’s a reason why so many businessowners hire interior designers to help decide between paintings on the wall, sculptures in the corner or plants on the ceiling. Every last detail will be noticed by even the most casual observer. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, furniture sales have increased by nearly 2% over the past two years alone. It’s time to take advantage of what you have.

Don’t Be Afraid To Shake Things Up

It can seem frustrating to spend extra time and effort on a restaurant you already poured hours into designing. Staying flexible, however, is key to getting the most out of your business. Trends come and go on a whim, with some showing more staying power and others falling out of favor so swiftly you actually feel out-of-touch with time. The interior design industry rakes in $10 billion in revenue each and every year in furniture sales, consultation and renovation. When you want to give your restaurant the most powerful first impression possible, shaking up your look once in a while will keep people coming back for more.

What could new furniture upholstery fabric or outdoor commercial barstools do to turn your brand into the talk of the town?

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