Top Two Ways Springs Save Lives

Compression springs

The coiled spring has become an integral part to modern society. Whether it is the spring of a bed, helping a teacher become well rested for the next day of school, the coil of a toy helping a child learn how different elements of physics work, or medical springs in tools helping a doctor save a life, this innovation could not be removed from the world without dire consequences. Because the concept of a spring is so universal, it has found its ways into a wide variety of different professions and careers. It almost seems as though there are as many different kinds of springs as there are careers. Of all these springs, however, the medical springs seem to be the most important ones, yet they so often go unnoticed by the layman, even when he is literally laying down on a hospital bed as a patient. Here are two things medical springs help be accomplished in hospitals:

1. Catheters

Catheter springs are a very variable tool in the doctor’s arsenal. Catheters can be used for a wide variety of things, from draining urine from the kidneys to measuring blood pressure. The compression springs in catheters are used for the spring-loaded tip in some cases, allowing for easier and more rapid insertion of the catheter, otherwise known as catheterization. This allows for more comfort for the patient as well as saving time during procedures for doctors. In the medical profession, a few moments could literally mean the difference between a life-saving operation’s success or a tragic fatal failure, so these medical coils are partially responsible for scores of lives.

2. Beds

Some hospital beds come equipped with bed springs, just as other beds do. These springs are integral to hospital life. It is very important that patients be able to get large amounts of restful sleep in order to recover, so these custom springs are very important in the healing process. They help patients to get restful sleep and so help them recover for procedures, from procedures, and in between procedures. They also help doctors prepare for procedures. What do you think about springs in general?

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