Three Ways Key Boxes Make Everyone’s Life Easier

Numeric lock box

If you’ve ever been to a fire station, an auto repair shop, or even a realty company, then chances are you noticed employees coming and going in to grab or return keys to their respective key lock boxes. Such a system might seem strange to the unacquainted since it might seem easier for employees to just carry the keys they need on their person, but key boxes provide several benefits. Here are just some of the system’s advantages.


The foremost reason why businesses use key boxes is because they keep keys secure. Not only are they made of durable materials, like aluminum or steel, that prevent intruders from simply smashing them in, but they also come with some form of locking mechanism. Essentially, a key box is like a safe or vault for keys.


It’s pretty difficult to keep keys organized when they’re on a ring, especially when they’re all nearly identical in size and shape. Key boxes, though, have rows of hooks that allow managers to keep everything organized. All they need to do is put a small label above each hook, indicating which lock the keys go to, and then make sure that the key is properly returned once it’s done being used.


Key boxes also keep keys from going missing. If an employee loses their key ring, they don’t just lose one key–they lose them all, which means some malicious party may stumble across them and suddenly have access to any and every lock on the property. Key boxes eliminate such possible scenarios. Many businesses also make employees sign keys out when they need them, which means that if it goes missing, they know who to track down.

Key boxes make everyone’s life easier. Employees can still get into whatever facility or lock they need to without having to carry a massive, unorganized ring of keys with them. Plus, managers and owners need not worry as much about missing keys and break ins. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments. See this link for more references.

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