Three Things You Can Do to Prevent Server Outages and Downtime

Hp server rack enclosure

Server downtime is one of the biggest hindrances to the performance of servers and the server rack enclosures in which they’re housed. About 73% of businesses across the country have experienced some kind of downtime or server outage in the last five years.

And downtime is much more than just a nuisance that halts productivity. In fact, it’s estimated that server downtime can result in an incredible $300,000 in lost revenue for a data center or enterprise. That’s $5,600 per minute. Additionally, sustained downtime can cause a business to lose customers, who will ultimately switch to a competitor whose networks are more reliable.

It’s clear to see why protecting your own servers from these periods of downtime is highly crucial for the survival of your enterprise — but not everyone knows how best to do this.

Want to make sure your data center racks and enclosures stay up and running? By taking these three preventive measures, you can keep server downtime and outages to a minimum:

Invest in backup services and hardware

It’s always a good idea for you to have a DNS backup service purchased; because DNS problems are one of the most common causes of server downtime, you should have this backup in place to save data from being lost. Additionally, be sure to frequently back up your databases to help make it easier to recover your servers’ data after a potential outage.

Buy a monitoring service for your servers

These days, there are a number of services you can purchase that can closely monitor your server activity. These services will immediately notify you if there is a problem or outage, allowing you to be more proactive in the event of downtime.

Appropriately regulate server rooms

One thing many data centers forget is the importance of fire protection and air conditioning in the server room. When the average server generates a great deal of heat, it’s highly important to keep server room temperatures carefully regulated to prevent against server overheating and subsequent downtime. Additionally, installing fire protection in all server rooms is essential.

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