Three Reasons Your Business Should Go Paperless

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Going paper-free in the business world is becoming more popular as pushes for environmental changes continue to progress. However, this push for paper-free office work isn’t only because 17% of all documents that are printed are considered waste according to

Lacking a document management system and document storage solutions can cause a number of problems in office environments and businesses. The following three reasons are why your business should consider going paperless for the sake of your own safety, success, and security.

  1. Searching For Documents Eats Up Time

    Time equals money, especially in the case of small businesses who rely on their limited number of employees for multiple functions. Therefore, the more time these employees spend looking for documents they could otherwise easily find online, they are wasting time they could otherwise be spending on increasing your business’ revenue. The more unorganized your office environment is, the more money your company loses.
  2. Increased Fire Hazards

    Fires in office environments and businesses tend to spread incredibly quickly, often because of the amount of combustible materials on desks, floors, and against walls. Fires can easily latch onto stored and loose paper, waste containers, discarded packaging, and rolls of packing paper and use them as fuel to burn through the rest of the building.

    With electronic document management and a document management system, these unnecessary paper documents wouldn’t need to clutter the office or place anyone in danger. Document management and electronic transfers promote expediency, efficiency, and effectiveness in the workplace.
  3. Catastrophic Information Loss

    According to Homeland Security News Wire, 70% of modern businesses would fail within three weeks if they experienced a fire or flood, which would cause them to lose a detrimental amount of paper loss. Electronic documentation and document storage ensure that important paper documents are stored safely and securely either in a separate area or online where they can be accessed from multiple points regardless of what has happened to the original copies.
    If a business only has paper documentation and their important records are destroyed and lost in a catastrophe, the future of the business is on shaky ground.

Paper documents left unnecessarily in an office environment can lead to multiple dangers including fire hazards, trip and fall injuries among employees, identity theft, information loss, and loss of revenue. To ensure the success of your business’ future and to secure the safety of yourself and your employees, switch to a paperless work environment today.

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