Three Reasons Why Companies Should Use Green Janitorial Services

Having a clean working space is essential in your company. A clean environment shows that you are responsible and mindful of the well-being of your staff. However, there has been a trend where employers try to save on expenses by having their employees clean their own working areas. This technique has worked in a few companies, but it is not as effective as outsourcing commercial cleaning services. There are many reasons for considering procuring green janitorial services, as explained in this article.

Nonetheless, you have to be prepared for such an undertaking, for instance, by knowing how much you should pay as office cleaning salary. Outsourcing janitors and building cleaners can cost you a significant amount, but it will save you a lot in the long run. Such professionals are well-experienced at office cleaning, which means that your building will be sparkling once they are through with it. Additionally, a clean working space is healthy for your employees. This consequently leads to reduced sick leaves and higher productivity. You should consider outsourcing office building cleaning jobs at least twice a month, depending on your budget. Different cleaning companies have varying titles for their staff. It is crucial to check out other names for janitorial services to ensure you contract the right cleaning team.

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While it may seem odd at first that some companies are going without professional janitorial services — don’t judge them. Many employers are trying to save money by expecting employees to clean their own spaces; and on paper, they should have reason to trust them. After all, employees are adults, aren’t they? It should be reasonable to expect them to clean their own spaces. It should be — but unfortunately, it isn’t anymore. As you’ll discover in this article, many employees are unwilling to clean their own work spaces. But at the same time, they are not the ones who will be blamed if they or their coworkers get sick due to an unclean work environment — that, usually, will fall to the boss. For that matter, if you are an employer and have noticed that your employees’ work spaces are not as clean as it should be, you’re probably disgusted; but you don’t want to fire a good employee over carelessness.

All of this can be solved through outsourced janitorial services. Outsourced janitorial services offer a wide variety of benefits, and by using them you’re probably saving more money than you’re spending. Not only do you not have to worry about the many drawbacks that come with sick employees — you can also forget about having to invest in cleaning products. Of course, there are even more benefits to using green janitorial services — let’s look at why many employers have discovered that using green janitorial services has become a must in the workplace.

1. You Can’t Trust Employees To Do Their Own Cleaning

Unfortunately, a great employee doesn’t always equal a clean one. While many employees wouldn’t dream of letting their homes get dirty, they don’t think the same of their work environments. For whatever reason, even when provided with cleaning products at work, many employees simply skimp on cleaning. This could be because they don’t want to take any time when they aren’t working to clean their spaces — and this is somewhat understandable. When polled, about one-third of employees said that their keyboards and phones are likely the dirtiest products in their offices, yet only 10% clean these products often. If you can’t trust an employee to clean their products, this is frustrating. But that doesn’t mean you want them to get sick — and you certainly don’t want to fire them. Professional cleaning services takes care of these issues efficiently, and leaves the office looking clean and new in the morning. Many offer a diverse range of services as well, including carpet cleaning services.

2. A Dirty Office Really Can Equal Sickness

We tend not to connect dirtiness with sickness, especially when we can’t see how dirty an office is on the surface. Yet, due to the fact that so many people mill about in an office throughout the day, people can easily end up sick. There are several different issues when it comes to the office and health. There is bacteria that can grow throughout an office. While some of it is harmless, some can cause serious infections and illness. Viruses are perhaps even greater issues, with nearly 100% of employees saying that they are worried about catching viruses at work. Allergens can cause trouble too, triggering allergic reactions that can sometimes be severe. Ultimately, this is not only a personal issue for employees, but a practical one for employers as well; after all, a sick employee has to take off work.

3. Green Cleaning Services Clean Without Hurting The Environment

As companies go green, they become aware of the fact that harsh chemicals can harm the environment — which is why some avoid professional cleaners. After all, it is thanks to harsh chemical cleaning products that indoor air pollution levels can be up to 100 times higher than outdoor air pollution levels. Luckily, green cleaning services use all natural products, eliminating this risk. It creates a healthier environment all around for employees, while reducing the risk for negative health effects.

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