Three Reasons to Use a Recruiting Company

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Running a business, unless it is a business of one, involves staffing that business. To find one employee is a difficult enough task that requires the investment of time, energy and patience. Finding more than one is even worse. Luckily, as a business gets larger, the owner can delegate that task to an employee. Hiring on new employees can also be outsourced to one of the large number of companies offering recruiting services. There has been debate over the necessity of these companies today, but they do offer some advantages over in house options. Here are three reasons to use a recruiting firm either instead of or in conjunction with in house hiring.

  1. Save Time: Most companies do not have staff specifically tasked with hiring on a year round basis, those employees have other duties as well. Sorting through resumes and applications alone consumes a great amount of time that could be used elsewhere. Recruiters can take the original applicant pool and sort through for the qualified candidates, only presenting an employer with a small amount of people from which to choose.
  2. Larger Networks: Filling a position that requires a candidate with highly specialized skills can be challenging. A recruiting company receives resumes on a daily basis, placing some immediately, and holding others until the appropriate position becomes available, giving them years of contacts and resources that most businesses cannot boast.
  3. Confidentiality: Except in those cases where a company has simply grown enough that a new position is created, a new employee being hired often means a previous one has been, or will be, fired. In the cases where that individual may not know yet that the end of their employment in near, confidentiality in the job advertisement would be a good idea. Also, some nationally recognized companies can expect a vast number of unsuitable applicants who simply want to work for their company, which is not an issue for the executive search firm.
  4. Recruiting services can benefit most companies,″ Title=”Here is something I like”>whether the search is for software developers or supply chain specialists. With a good recruiting company, the process is much faster and easier, allowing the rest of the business to be the focus.

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