Three Questions You Need to Ask Before Buying Those Server Rack Cabinets

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While server rack cabinets are one of the lowest upfront costs your data center will have to incur, that doesn’t mean you should just invest in any old server rack enclosure. Your choice of cabinets for your server racks will impact your data center’s efficiency and daily function — so making the right purchasing decision is crucial.

But how can you determine which cabinets are going to be the best fit for your data center’s server racks? To make sure you get the best server rack cabinets possible, be sure to ask these three questions before making a final purchase:

Do these cabinets fit my price range?

Cabinets for server racks come in a wide range of prices — and while we’d all like to not have to worry about their cost, your data center’s budget is something you’ll need to consider. Cheaper cabinets tend to be less efficient, and could end up costing you money in the long run, nor do they have tech support or cable management solutions. Your best bet is to go with a fairly-priced, all-in-one type of package.

Is appearance a factor I should consider?

You should absolutely prioritize the function of your cabinets over their appearance. However, a growing number of data centers are looking for cabinets that look as good as they work, due to their server racks being seen by clients or the public. If your server racks will be seen by your clientele, you’ll want to make sure you get uniform, sleek and attractive cabinets to hold them.

Will these cabinets fit into my server rooms?

In many cases, data centers need to fit their server racks into close quarters — and if you’re dealing with limited space, you might want to write down your server room dimensions before deciding on which cabinets you’ll end up buying. When server racks need to be spaced far enough apart to allow adequate ventilation, you can’t afford not to do this.

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