Three Preventive Measures You Should Be Taking With Your Above Ground Storage Tanks

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Above ground storage tanks — whether they’re field erected tanks or not — are a necessity at nearly all agricultural and industrial ventures. However, they’re also highly vulnerable to damage, corrosion and more, considering the nature of the chemicals, fertilizers and fuels that are commonly stored within them. But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do to make your own tanks last longer and stay in their top condition.

Want to make sure all your field erected tanks located above ground stay in the best condition possible? Here are three preventive and maintenance measures that aren’t necessarily required by API 653 standards, but are highly recommended to keep your above ground storage tanks working better, longer:

Regular cleanup of tank containment areas

Minor leaks are commonplace within any tank containment area — however, these leaks make collected rainwater contaminated and unsuited for re-release into the environment. To prevent this rainwater contamination, it’s best to periodically and thoroughly clean tank containment areas. In most cases, you can just sweep the area with a broom and use a limited absorbent application to clean up contaminants and dirt.

Strive to prevent evaporation of tank contents

Evaporation and condensation of your storage tanks’ contents takes a gradual toll, as this evaporated material results in lost fuel or fertilizer. To keep evaporation losses to a minimum, you should paint your field erected tanks a reflected color, consider installing them facing the east or west and cover the tanks with a roof or other similar structure.

Invest in corrosion protection

When many above ground storage tanks store things like fuel, fertilizer and other chemicals, corrosion of tanks is something that can’t be avoided. It can, however, be slowed down so your tanks last longer. By elevating tanks, opting for double-walled or lined tanks, cathodically protecting the tanks and following the API’s standards for above ground tanks in general, corrosion can be forestalled.

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