Three Important Types of Gears

Gear hobbing

Did you know that gears are one of the most common pieces of machinery used by the train industry? Gears transmit motion, and they are one of the oldest tools that are able to do this. As a result, many types of gears have become available, and each one is beneficial in its own way.

1. Worm gear. A worm resembles a screw, and it is used as a compact way to achieve high torque at a low speed. Worm gear manufacturers mesh spur gears with worms, and this creates a worm gear. Since worm gears are typically used in presses, mining industry machines, rolling mills, and rudders, worm gear manufacturers are able to provide you with the custom gears you need in order to do the job right.

2. Circular gear. Circular gears can often be used with pinions, which are toothed rack strips. The circular gears and pinions move together in a linear motion, and this allows them to be used in rack railways and steering mechanisms in cars. Since circular gears come in many different sizes, gear manufacturing companies will produce the size you need.

3. External gear. Unlike internal gears, which have teeth on the inner surfaces of cones, external gears have teeth on the outer surfaces of cones. The teeth on an external gear point away from the center, and similar to spur and circular gears, external gears can be used with pinions. As a result, gear hobbing is used to make a variety of external gears.

Since there are many types of gears available, it is important to determine which one you need most. Worm, circular, and external are all common types of gears, and each one is suitable for different purposes. By obtaining the right gear from a gear manufacturing company, you will be able to complete your job more efficiently and effectively.

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