Third Party Logistics Solutions How They Can Help Your Company

Ecommerce order fulfillment services

With ecommerce sales expected to reach nearly $500 billion in 2018, ecommerce companies are dealing with more business than ever. This, of course, is a very good thing. However, it also means that these companies are dealing with pressure to be more efficient. That?s where Third Party Logistics steps in, offering services from warehouse logistics to ecommerce order fulfillment distribution. By using Third Party Logistics solutions, ecommerce companies are able to focus less on the daily grind, and more on things like expansion and profit.

Third Party Logistics: How They Can Help You

An issue encountered by many ecommerce companies as they grow is handling daily expectations. Third party logistics can help give marketing solutions that would aid in the longer term. They also can handle problems ?on the ground?, so to speak. These often have to do with warehousing. Warehousing and fulfillment distribution can be handled by a third party, thus taking less time and attention from the goals in mind. They can also help increase supply chain visibility and assure that orders are fulfilled in a way both timely and cost-efficient. Faster fulfillment distribution, in the world of ecommerce, leads to faster shipping, and a shorter wait for customers.

Why Does This Matter?

The reason why things like logistics management services and solutions matter so much to ecommerce companies is that they encourage client growth and loyalty. For example, when 58% of online shoppers say that they want retailers to improve through free or discounted shipping, that becomes a major priority for ecommerce retailers. But how can they make discounted or free shipping a reality? The best way may be through using Third Party Logistics. A simpler distribution process ? particularly one that cuts costs ? makes free shipping a real possibility for ecommerce retailers. In fact, cutting costs in many ways ? not simply through distribution ? is one of the things that Third Party Logistics does best!

Logistics Solutions Online

Moving away from warehousing and shipping, what do ecommerce companies need to think about in terms of website efficiency? Well, luckily online shoppers are satisfied with some aspects. Specifically, they currently appreciate the ease of check-out, variety of brands and products offered, and online tracking ability. Although there?s always room for improvement, the key is to make all of your ecommerce company?s services as streamlined as these. Marketing logistics should also be addressed. Using a Third Party Logistics company can make all of this easier.

Although some balk at using a third party, many Third Party Logistics companies require simple commitments. While 5 and 10-year contracts were once the norm, companies now feel comfortable offering 3 to 5-year contracts as the standard. Your ecommerce company is not committing to these solution providers for the long-term. It?s in your control; they are here to satisfy your needs and streamline your company.

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