Things to Think About When Buying Automatic Paper Punching Machines

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Despite all of the ebooks out there, print copies of books made up 80% of their sales in 2015. In the United States alone, people use 9.125 billion tons of paper every year. It may not seem like it but print remains one of the world’s largest industries. Its main rival is the auto manufacturing industry. It is eight times larger than the video game industry. So much for print being dead. If your business does a lot of work in print, you may be looking to automate some of your work. It may behoove you to look into buying an automatic paper punching machine.

How is the automatic paper punching machine different from a paper drilling machine?

Paper punching machines can be used to create either one hole or a series of them in a large or small stack of paper. These will produce a similar result to paper drilling machines. The main difference between a paper drill machine and a paper punch machine is the process by which these holes are made. An automatic paper punch machines do not have a mechanical approach to the paper punching. A paper drill uses a motor.

How long have paper punches been around?

The paper punch has been with us since about 1886. Friedrich Soennecken put in for the first patent for this new device. It was to be used for his manuscript, “Sammelmappen.”

Things to think about when buying automatic paper punching machines:

How many holes do you want to punch? The majority of automatic paper punching machines put between one and three holes along the margin of a document. If you need more holes that that to be punched in your materials or products, you can you machine to accommodate up to seven holes along the margin of the paper.

How much paper do need to punch at a time? Automatic paper punching machines can accommodate anywhere between 20 and 150 pieces of paper at a time. This represents a great improvement over the between five and 100 pieces of paper that could be punched by a manual paper punching machine.

How clean does the punch need to be? When you are looking at buying automatic paper punching machines, ask about the cleanliness of the holes that are produced in the paper. The punching heads have diameters that go from 9/32 inches to 12/32 inches.

Do you want a special shape? It is possible to get scissors, coffee cups, your logo, arrows and a number of other shapes. If you are creating materials for binders, this may not be so much of an issue but if you are printing other kinds of documents, you may want to get automatic paper punching machines with different shapes.

If your company handles a lot of printing, there are other machines that may help with your process. Many companies look to automatic wire binding machines to make their process go more smoothly.

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