These 6 Industries Can Benefit From an Emergency Notification System

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In this day and age, more companies are realizing the need for an emergency notification system. In the case of an emergency or an urgent need for communication, a mass text or alert system can be vital. But you may not realize that companies in your field could benefit from a mass notification system in a variety of situations. From bad news to friendly reminders, here are six industries that could use a mass alert system to their benefit — and the different ways in which these systems could be used:

  • Schools
    Schools across the country have already adopted the use of text message alerts and mass notification systems for everything from snow day cancellations to safety threats. Some systems are even set up to alert parents when a child is late or absent from school. It’s an excellent way to keep families informed and free up vital communication lines at school.
  • Utility companies
    If your area is experiencing a power outage or your building doesn’t have hot water, your utility company could benefit from a mass communication system. That way, they can let customers know they are addressing the issue and give real-time estimates about when service can be expected to be restored. It shows customers that the company cares about their comfort and safety, and allows them to get out information quickly and efficiently.
  • Businesses
    Even if a business never has to use an emergency notification system for an actual crisis, having a way to reach all or many of your employees at once can be incredibly useful. If you don’t want to clog up your employees’ inboxes (or make sure that your workers actually see and read your important message), a text notification system can alert employees about important meetings, events, or reminders. Whether you’re calling a company-wide assembly or want to highlight an upcoming event, an employee notification system can work wonders.
  • Healthcare
    From hospitals to nursing homes, staff should be informed at all times. Whether employees need to be notified of an emergency or you need to get the word out about an important change, mass notification solutions are the simplest answer to a multitude of issues.
  • Transit
    Unfortunately, mass transit can be unreliable, especially in large cities. Customers and workers need to be kept informed about changes in route, schedule delays, closures, and cancellations in order to plan accordingly. Being able to notify passengers about these developments in their trips would be ideal for those who rely on public transit on a daily basis.
  • News outlets
    You may miss a big story if you aren’t an avid news-watcher, but there are oftentimes urgent local reports that could benefit from the help of residents. News outlets and police departments could certainly benefit from using an emergency notification system to get the word out about security and safety threats in the area. Mass communication systems can dispense information to anyone with a cell phone in the area. In some circumstances, we already see this with Amber Alert notifications, but it could be very useful to branch out beyond these types of alerts. Of course, it would need to be used wisely and only in true emergencies or breaking news that would affect everyone in an area. But keeping informed with these types of alerts would appeal to a great many people.

In order to stay one step ahead and keep residents and employees safe, embracing these types of technologies is imperative. Whether it’s a true crisis or is simply communication you want to highlight, an emergency notification system can be of great benefit to your company and your industry as a whole.

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